Organizing an event promising fun and entertainment to your guests is a great commitment to responsibility and concern, especially about music, which is the beating heart and soul of the event.

Right now I know your question is: ‘Is this the right DJ for my event?’

This question shocks and bores you to your deepest thoughts, causing you only stress.

Let’s eliminate the stress and doubts together by checking below the experiences I have and the genres I propose.



hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beaches, water parks and arenas


birthdays, weddings, graduations, school prom, new years eve, christmas and corporate party


I have experience with a lot of brands


Disco music

of 80s, 90s and new (mainstream) (top 100 charts)

House music

(Club, Disco, Jackin, Chicago, Funky)

Trance Music

(vocal, uplifting, psy)

Is this what you are looking for?

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