Since August 2019 I have insisted on collaborating with the master musician Andrea Michele Vincenti by creating 3 remixes of his songs. In the notes of his compositions, everyone can recognize the essences and fragrances by Vangelis, Era, Enya and many others of lounge music and relaxing music. The collaboration has given birth to a “new” type of progressive trance music that combines trance music with lounge music. All this is in the collection: “MMXX THE COLLABORATIVE ART“.
The experiment of this new kind of alternative trance pushed me to create songs completely by myself like: “Me 3d D D D“, “Cinderella Before Midnight” and the full album “MMXX THE COLLECTION“.

MMXX THE COLLABORATIVE ART” had the collaboration with Anna Liuzzi for the cover of the song “Gemini Microwave

Cinderella Before Midnight” had collaboration with Kyo Art Creations for the cover

From May untill July 2020 I have collaborated as DJ with Rise Up and Dance Radio