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Hello, my name as DJ is TOTY GEE and I am a DJ, a Producer and a sound engineer living in Cambridge.
I started as a DJ turntablist and I have long experience in Gigs, Nightclubs, Hotels, Theatres and private events (Birthdays or celebrations) around Europe, I also collaborated with my show on some radio by presenting my chart or just mixing.
Winner of one competition and 4 other competitions in second place, 25 songs produced, 7 remixes, and megamixes. (Rem, Beyoncé, Natalie Aart...).
Genres: Disco Music 80s, 90s and new (mainstream), House (Club, Disco, Jackin, Chicago, Funky) and Trance (Vocal, Uplifting, Psy).
I like to mix all together but I can do only one music genre above if required and I know how to follow the crowd.
I am based in Cambridge but I can come to your venue and plug in my controller or my USB stick if you don't have sound and light I can come with a full rig and I can also offer a virtual reality experience to your guests with Tribe XR
I can stream for you online, if you wish, with Zoom or on your Twitch channel.

More details on the mixes are on the Mixes page 
More details on the performings are on the Booking page
More details on the production are on the Music Production page


I've been passionate about music since I was a very little child (2 years old) listening to records or tape on the stereo. Fascinated, I watched the tape roll up one side and roll down the other, or the magnetic head slides across the record as it spun and the volume needle wobbled to the beat of the songs.
My curiosity grew increasingly over the years until I opened the stereo to see what was inside or connected an external cassette player to the stereo and recorded a collection of songs. When I was fourteen I discovered that DJs existed and played music at Parties and Nightclubs and I worked to buy the first DJ records. In 1992 I had a couple of Technics SL-D1s and the first records I bought were Double You's single "Who's Fooling Who", Machel Jackson's "Dangerous" and Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" albums.
I learned by myself to connect all the necessary components, both audio and lights, laying the necessary foundations to become an audio and lights technician and board operator for radio and theatre I trained almost every day in the fundamental mixes and also observed other DJs at parties and nightclubs until 1995 I felt more sure and I participated in 3 consecutive competitions finishing second.
In 1998 I was audio engineer and board operator for a radio program and the following year I started touring Europe as an audio engineer and board operator for theatre, and disc jockey for nightclubs and hotels.
In May 2019, after a long break, I bought two controllers to be a Disk Jockey and produce music. In addition, I have created and produced other songs and by Christmas 2019 I have produced a total of 14 songs as a solo artist.
From May until July 2020, I collaborated as a DJ with Rise Up and Dance Radio
From July until September, I collaborated as a DJ with Love Summer Radio
From September 2020 to June 2021 I collaborated as DJ with Revolution of Dance Radio
From July 2021 to October 2022 I collaborated as DJ with Splash Damage Radio.
In August 2022 I produced the single Fix Your Heat.
In 2023 I am participating in 3 DJS Competitions.

More details on the mixes are on the Mixes page 
More details on the performings are on the Booking page
More details on the production are on the Music Production page


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